My name is Bill, Wong. I'm also the founder of Mixed Element®and the Senior Product Consultant for Mixed Element®.
In 2010, few colleagues and I founded the Mixed Element
® in order to create a beautiful and pleasant dining atmosphere for users with aesthetic tableware.
It's been almost 10 years and In this past 10 years we have served many high-end hotel customers at China and abroad, and also have received a lot of praise and appreciation. We are very grateful for this everything.
In 2019,I founded Mixed Element
® studio, with the purpose to explore all the possibilities that can be applied to Table Ware from the perspective of environmental protection of recyclable materials, the aesthetics of oriental culture, and the traditional Chinese craftsmanship.
In our understanding and assumptions, it (Table Ware) should be green and sustainable, have more oriental culture aesthetics, and integrate the spirit of more oriental craftsmen, such as the display stand of the Buddha's Hand Series, the Double-layer Cup of bamboo concept, etc.

At the same time, we are exploring more recyclable materials using aesthetic design to make more new products.
I believe the significance of our action is groundbreaking and sustainable. And I am more convinced that we can share with you our mental outlook as a new generation of young people in China and the contribution what we can bring to this industry in this action.


























Founder& Senior Product Consultant