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    My name is Bill, Wong. I'm also the founder of Mixed Element®and the Senior Product Consultant for Mixed Element®.
    In 2010, few colleagues and I founded the Mixed Element® in order to create a beautiful and pleasant dining atmosphere for users with aesthetic tableware.
    It's been almost 10 years and In this past 10 years we have served many high-end hotel customers at China and abroad, and also have received a lot of praise and appreciation. We are very grateful for this everything.
    In 2019, I founded Mixed Element® studio, with the purpose to explore all the possibilities that can be applied to Table Ware from the perspective of environmental protection of recyclable materials, the aesthetics of oriental culture, and the traditional Chinese craftsmanship.
    In our understanding and assumptions, it (Table Ware) should be green and sustainable, have more oriental culture aesthetics, and integrate the spirit of more oriental craftsmen, such as the display stand of the Buddha's Hand Series, the Double-layer Cup of bamboo concept, etc.
    At the same time, we are exploring more recyclable materials using aesthetic design to make more new products.
    I believe the significance of our action is groundbreaking and sustainable. And I am more convinced that we can share with you our mental outlook as a new generation of young people in China and the contribution what we can bring to this industry in this action.









    Senior Product Consultant

    2020 New Collections

  • Mixed Element® was registered in 2013 and is a professional brand integrating R&D, design, production and sales of high-end desktop products.
      Brand concept-professional, rigorous, green and environmental protection, sustainable development!
      Brand mission——Let tableware bring more fun to users like Lego toys!

    Product quality standards:
      Food-grade safety, our products need get through Germany's food grade standards and are tested by Technischen Uberwachungs Vereine.
      Environmental protection and sustainability.
    Bring more fun to users.

    Since its establishment in 2013, Mixed Element® has been insisting on providing high-end customers with high-quality, cost-effective products. The brand has extended its product range from buffet ware to table ware; and the material include Walnut, white oak, stone, glass, stainless steel, PC, recycled materials, etc.
    From design to production, each of our products maintains high precision and high quality standards from the perspective of visual aesthetics. Through excellent reliability and excellent visual aesthetics, it creates a wonderful and pleasant dining atmosphere for users and brings an unforgettable dining experience to users.
    The food safety and quality control of our products are the top priority for us. Each of our products has reached German food-grade standards, and at the same time each of our products have passed strict quality inspection, especially glass products and porcelain products are 100% manual inspection + 100% manual inspection storage, Thus giving our customers a double guarantee.

    Nan Nan (Guangzhou) Process Design Co., Ltd.

  • According to the feedbacks continuously collected from our customers towards tableware and the current fashion trend of catering industry, we put ourselves in the mindset of users to conceive, visualize, design, develop and produce the product series of Chef’s Toys. Based on Building Block Design, this series integrates more product resources to design and develop product lines A, B, C, D, E of Chef’s Toys. Each of them with diverse materials has different styles and could adapt to various decoration styles easily. Developing and designing the series of Chef's toys on the basis of Building Block Design makes it embrace the feature of flexible variability. Therefore, after getting used to the Chef's Toys, you would find the secular influence with our products towards your work and operation performance, which is great value for money.
    1. Flexible collocation of different parts in product series would bring you more fun and convenience when at work. It is appropriate to use them both in banquet and dainty food in ADD restaurants.
    2. As the season changes, every restaurant needs to adjust and alter types of food. Only adjusting product mix of Chef's Toys can help you to own more combination functions, such as dealing with bread, cheese, fruit, salad, beverage, frozen food, heat food, etc.
    3. In the long run, this series could help you to reduce the pressure from the procurement of multiple purchases, and save more storage space. For example, commercial rent of hotels and restaurants in some metropolis such as Tokyo, Japan, is so high that how to reduce waste caused by unused tableware taking up too much space becomes the problem to be able to be solved by Chef’s Toys.
    Diversification and flexibility of Chef’s Toys would facilitate hotels and restaurants to find the right style and appropriate collocation functions. And all of these are the value embodiment that Building Block Design brings to each user. We firmly believe that design would deliver value and benefits to our customers.

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