Mixed Element was established in 2011, an integrated and professional corporation for R&D, designing, producing, and selling upmarket tableware.

Before 2010, we provided overseas customers with ODM service ——Original design manufacture.

After the establishment of Mixed Element and the combination of various elements, we start to research, develop, design, produce and market products to both domestic and foreign markets, and focus on creativity and high quality, endeavoring to build the best brand of “Mixed Element”.



Be professional, precise, and environmental and pursue sustainable development!



Bring more fun and convenience to customers with lego-like tableware!


Products Range

The main business scope of Mixed Element is tableware, including high quality buffet display equipment and personalized tableware.


Products Quality Standard

Firstly, safety is paramount, our products need to get through Germay's food grade standards and are tested by Technischen Uberwachungs Vereine (TUV).

Secondly, environmental-friendly and adhere to sustainability development.

Thirdly, bring more fun and benefits to users at work.



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